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Young Minds has four unique rooms and two outdoor spaces that have been designed to fully engage our children and take them through a rewarding learning journey from infant to kindergartener.

Our Inventors Room is for our pre-Kinder children. We utilise Montessori activities and a rich routine-based indoor/outdoor program to assist children grow physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Our Innovators Room utilises Montessori activities to assist our Kindergarteners to develop capabilities in practical life, mathematics, language, spatial orientation and problem solving activities. Our children also have heaps of fun with our art, block play, yoga, dance, foreign-language and music sessions.

The Dreamers Room has been designed for our smallest children – aged from 3months toddler age. Our children play with our Educators who help them safely improve their gross-motor skills, as well as teach them a basic Montessori program. We have group-times, music sessions, self-help learning and messy art-play in this room too.

Our Explorers Room is where our toddlers begin their very mobile adventures. In this room, we undertake group activities, basic Montessori tasks, practice our cooking skills, learn languages other than English, make amazing art, learn numbers and counting, sharing and group play.