‘We teach young children through the use of carefully selected and specialised educational materials, with the aim of helping them develop their confidence, independence and creativity.’

Our philosophy

“The child’s conquest of independence begins with their first introduction to life. While they are developing, they perfect themselves and overcome every obstacle that they find in their path.” ~ Maria Montessori

Montessori specifically uses constructivist teaching models where children are guided by a teacher through the use of carefully selected learning materials and then subsequently encouraged to explore by themselves. When children learn in this manner, they develop concentration, self-reliance, independence, and confidence naturally.

Positive partnerships

At Young Minds, we promote ongoing, respectful and open communication between children, families and all staff. We believe that this positive partnership is vital to provide the best care and education for young children.

Why Montessori?

“Did you know that the founders of Google, Amazon and Wikipedia all had an early Montessori Education?”

Montessori is an education system developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor born in 1870 who believed that the goal of early childhood education should not be rote-learning but rather to cultivate a child’s natural desire to learn. It is an educational approach where children from a very young age are guided by experienced teachers, given access to unique learning materials and then encouraged to experience the excitement of learning by their own choice.

At Young Minds, our learning environments, methodologies, teaching and materials are inspired by Dr Montessori’s work. What you can expect to see in our centre includes:

What you can expect to see in our centre includes:

  • children’s learning progressively moving from simple concepts to more concrete and complex.
  • montessori materials being used to naturally bring about the inquisitive nature of the children and allowing them to discover new ways to do things.
  • montessori activities integrated seamlessly with play-based environment, seeking to provide a comprehensive learning system.
  • children becoming equipped for everyday life and gaining practical skills that they can directly apply to their home lives as well as to build independence.
  • each child receiving individual guidance and focus to help them reach their full potential.


Our Learning Journeys